Friday, October 1, 2010

Prohibition is back.

Last night, the beautiful Irene and I attended one of the Prohibition themed parties at Idle Hands, the new bourbon speakeasy on Avenue B, thrown by HBO to promote their new series, Boardwalk Empire.   

Upon arriving, we gave the doorman the password (“white lightening”) which was emailed to us earlier in the week after RSVP’ing.  We were each given a token for a free Canadian Club cocktail, each appropriately named after the gangster characters.   Idle Hands is located down a flight of stairs under Billy Hurricanes.  We admired the festive 1920's Atlantic City themed decorations, such as the cups filled with salt water taffy, mock bottles of Boardwalk Empire Whiskey, and napkins printed with Prohibition slang.  The cocktails were strong and delicious.  We mingled and chatted, as we always seem to attract new friends.  The promoter gave us additional tokens for another round of free cocktails, so of course we took advantage of that perk.  

The space is decorated with random framed band and bar posters.   A few hanging lights illuminated the mostly seated crowd of imbibers, who were a mix of neighborhood hipsters and young professionals straight from happy hour specials.   We stayed for a couple hours before heading down to a few favorite LES watering holes with friends.  I’m pretty sure that Irene and I would have been perfect flappers back in the Roaring 20’s.

Would you have enjoyed living and partying during The Prohibition? xo


  1. you both look beautiful!!! miss you soooo and can't wait for our reunion soon xoxooxx

  2. Sounds like an uber fun night!! You guys are too adorable!! <3

  3. Miss you tons Caitlin!

    Amy, we should all meet for drinks sometime :)

  4. Yes, sometimes I think you were born in the wrong generation. The Roaring 20"s would have been perfect for you. Myself, I would prefer being in my 20's now! Nice review!!


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