Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards

The 6th Annual Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards were held Thursday night at Good Units in the basement of the Hudson Hotel presented by Russian Standard Vodka.  The New York Times recently deemed Paper Mag’s annual awards as “the Oscars of the city’s clubland”, so of course this Downtown Girl just had to be there! 

The night was a fabulous, and gay-influenced party, featuring most of New York’s prominent nightlife personalities from the best DJ’s, hotel owners, musicians, designers, stylists (including Patricia Field of Sex and the City fame), and reality television stars (including Countess Luann de Lesseps of Real Housewives of New York City and Brad Goreski, the former assistant/associate of stylist Rachel Zoe). 

                                                               (Images via Paper Mag)

The doors opened at Good Units at 8pm, with nominees and presenters seated first on the basement level around the stage.  The rest of the guests filed in upstairs with a balcony view of the stage and nominees.  The bars located on both levels were quickly serving Russian Standard Vodka cocktails all night.  The awards started around 10pm with Pee-Wee Herman as the opening act.   He is the October cover-boy for Paper Mag, with his new Broadway show opening soon.  Most of the crowd, who grew up with Pee Wee (and his scandals), just couldn’t believe he was actually there.  He brought back all of his old-school jokes and sayings, such as “I know you are, but what am I”, while working his best nightlife knowledge by name dropping the best of the best, such as The Boom Boom Room.

The award winners included Kenmare for “Best Restaurant with a Nightlife Scene” (a favorite place of mine), Charlotte Ronson for “Best Designer with a Nightlife Influence (seriously want most of her Fall 2010 Collection), Le Bain for “Best Club” (not sure if I’m “cool” enough to go there yet, but I’ve been dying to since Fashion Week).  For a full list of the winners, click HERE.

Nominated for “Best Nightlife Website” was The Downtown Diaries by Kristina Marino.  Although the award went to Gayletter (congrats, boys!), I just adore The Downtown Diaries.  I have been a faithful reader since I found her site this summer.  I’ve been following her in-the-know stories of Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn parties, dinners, brunches, concerts, and overall antics.  This girl really knows everyone in the nightlife scene.  She is definitely one of my blogger inspirations.  I was so excited to meet her (even in my vodka induced haze) after the awards ended in the bar upstairs in the Hudson Hotel.  I’m sure I sounded like a crazy fan (much like the soap opera fans whose letters I often read in the production office at As The World Turns).  I hope to run into this “not so average girl about town” again at Goldbar or another spot we both love below 14th Street.  Maybe she can even hire me one day (yes, wishful thinking!).  

                                               (Kristina Marino at another event)

Overall, the night was a grand tribute to the city’s thriving nightlife scene.  From the hipsters and fashionistas, to the over-the-top drag queens, it was the typical crowd and vibe found at the newest bars and clubs around the city.


Where was your favorite new bar/club/hotel this year? Xo


  1. Wow! looks like an amazing night!
    My 5th grade elementary school teacher just discovered my blog and was all "Oh, my niece has a blog called..." yeah, you guessd it "Downtown Diaries" lol
    I was like Ms. marino are you serious??? LOL
    i love geeking out over bloggers!

  2. That is just too funny!

    PS - I'm pretty sure I said something ridiculous and dorky to her when we met...but who knows with all the vodka!

  3. HEy this sounds awesome I just happened to come across your blog its really cool
    Check mine out if you get the chance |

  4. What a fab night that must have been. Pee Wee still looks pretty good for his age! I think I'll start reading The Downtown Diaries ~ seems like she has some interesting topics!!

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