Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Official (on Facebook)

The good ole’ days of engagement and wedding notices in newspapers as the first public announcement of the newly betrothed couple is long gone. Minutes after the proposal, women everywhere are getting a shot of their princess-cut diamond ring on their blackberry and uploading it to their Facebook Wall after changing their status from “In a Relationship” to “Engaged”.   

Every day, whether on a college campus, at work, or at home on their laptops, girls and guys are changing their Relationship Status on the infamous Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had it right back in his Harvard dorm room when he realized that everyone wants to know who is with who and most importantly, who is having sex. His social network has become the go-to spot for stalking both lovers and friends, as well as making your new relationship “official” for all to see.  

My friends and I often joke and tease each other that your new boyfriend isn’t official unless Facebook says so. Many couples publicly change their status too often for my tastes. Do you honestly need to get in a fight and change your status from “In a Relationship” to “It’s Complicated”?  Seriously, guys?  I have personally kept my status as “Single” since I started my account back in 2005 as a Junior at Wagner College. No matter who I was dating, no one has been important enough to make me adjust that status.  I’d rather not switch it every few months (or weeks for that matter) for each new guy who is entertaining me.  Maybe I’m too much of a Samantha Jones, but I just can’t fathom committing to a guy on the nosy world that is Facebook.  

How often do you change your Relationship Status? xo


  1. I find the whole your-generation Facebook thing very interesting, please post more about this! I feel like I have to protect my privacy from two groups: my-generation-that-can't-use-computers, and your-generation-with-no-sense-of-privacy.

    My students seem to think that they should be able to post anything they want to Facebook, and my generation should just ignore it. To me this is the equivalent of writing "Slut" across your rear end and then calling me a "perv" for reading it. Exactly how do I avoid that? I can't selectively not read the words printed across your little jogging ensemble, and similarly, you should watch what you post to Facebook because your employer will use all means at her disposal to find out about you.

    The flip side is my generation that doesn't seem to get all of the privacy settings, and so will post rude or invasive things, I think just out of a general cluelessness.

    And then there's just the different ways that people use Facebook. It's a fascinating social study. So please, tell me more!

    I'm impressed that you don't think the world needs to know, and at the same time pretend they don't know, about your relationship As Posted On Facebook.


  2. My boyfriend and I changed our statuses to "In a Relationship" about two months in, but he won't link our profiles until we're engaged. I haven't had my status say "single" since my last boyfriend, but even then I just left my status blank.

    I guess now that I'm with the guy I know I'll be with for the long run, I want people to know! But I agree, the people who change from "in a relationship" to "it's complicated' are usually the ones who post way too much personal info.

  3. My friends and I have the same joke! It's not official until facebook says so, lol.

    I dated a guy for three and a half years and was listed as 'in a relationship.' However, since we've broken up I don't have anything up. I just prefer to keep that piece private, even though I'm not dating anyone.

    I love the ecard that you found for this post! HAHA!

  4. My relationship status will stay until "death do us part"! Sorry, FB, but you won't get much more out of me, I'm part of that older generation!!

  5. Lmao facebook and Myspace have ruined so many relationships of people I know it isn't even funny lol seriously though it's crazy the way these statuses change

    P.S enter my international giveaway to win a 4GB USB mimobot. They are adorable!

  6. I just recently changed mine from single to in a relationship ( with my boyfriend Andrew) we were sitting together on the couch and the amount of texts and bbm's we both received with peoples shock and happiness for us was baffling. No more private life for any of us, but Im not innocent in this, I mean I DID change mine instead of just leaving it blank.

    happy monday love!


  7. Ever since Zuckerberg added the relationship status on facebook, everyone became crazy over it. A lot of couples updated their status using this application. Personally, I can’t see anything wrong there. But some people use facebook as means to promote their business online and it became effective.


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