Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ice Ice, Baby

Have you ever followed a stranger you met outside a bar down dark flights of stairs to discover a lair of belly dancing, exotic music, and a Bulgarian Ice Room?  Okay, so I know what you’re thinking (and what my mom is also shaking her head over).   So let me explain.  My pretty city girlfriend, Renie and I always seem to find ourselves on adventures when we go out together.  On that particular night (during the middle of the week), as we followed this odd man into Mehanata in the LES, we thought, “We will either die or this will be an epic night”.  Obviously, we lived to tell this story (Mom, does this make you feel any better?)   

What we encountered down those stairs was a magical world.  Our new friend bought us delicious sangria, as we met his belly dancer friends and moved to the music.  He even ordered us a hookah.  I felt like I was making my Middle Eastern ancestors proud.  Okay, maybe “proud” isn’t the right word… Anyway, after a few more drinks, I noticed a small glass room on the side of the bar.   No sooner did our new companion and the sexy bartender gear us up in Russian-style hats and coats, while explaining the rules of the Ice Cage: we had two minutes to drink as much vodka as we could, without puking on the floor or drinking directly out of the bottles that lined the wall.  Ice shot glasses were shoved in our hands and we were sent into the chamber.  I felt very “college” as I took shot after shot (but these vodkas were top shelf; no frat boy quality booze here).  The tiny room kept the vodka and our bodies freezing, but the energy of the bartender screaming a countdown and our fellow drinkers cheering outside the glass box, kept us excited and unaware of the drop in temperature.   After all the shots, I had to sit with a few glasses of water (See Mom, I do listen to you) before continuing to dance into the wee hours of the morning. Mehanata Bulgarian Bar. 113 Ludlow St.

Would you drink in an ice room? xo   


  1. what a fun and unexpected night!!!! love hearing your city adventures!!!

  2. Glad you had a few glasses of water after the shots! I always say 1 drink/1 water!!


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