Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gym Class Hero.

Why don’t straight guys sign up for group classes?  From step to weight conditioning, fitness rooms are filled with in shape and pretty ladies.  A gentleman could break the ice by asking if we need a mat or by grabbing an extra set of weights.  We would welcome assistance lowering those tricky spin bike seats.  Or start up a convo while we are refilling out water bottles about how intense the class was.  This spot is a missed opportunity for guys to find a date!  Yes, we are sweaty, not wearing makeup (well, most of us aren’t), and concentrating on our own well being, BUT chatting with someone who has fitness (or a love for spinning to Usher songs) in common will at least grab our attention.  Making a new friend can lead to a first date!  

Editor’s Note: SOMETIMES there are straight guys in my spin class, but none have chatted me up, other than to let me know my water bottle has fallen.  But straight guys in step class?  Now, that’s something I’m challenging the men to get into…

                                                                  (photos via Crunch)

Have you ever flirted at the gym? xo


  1. I get my boyfriend to do Wii Step at home, but I doubt he'd ever do it at the gym!

    Years ago, when I was single, I used to meet guys all the time by using the weight equipment at the gym. They were all too happy to offer assistance and tips. Maybe it's better to go into their space than to hope they sign up for classes and come into the more female-centric spaces.

  2. I think the gay guys have more guts than the straight ones ~ they seem to join in on more of the group classes!!

  3. I know you've flirted at the gym... ;)


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