Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Google him.

Come on, you know you want to. You know your girlfriends all do it too. So, if you have yet to Google that new cutie you’re dating, I’m pretty surprised. 

You would think I’d be embarrassed to admit this, but I am the QUEEN of searching men online. Back in my early college days, before Facebook (the ultimate stalker tool) was launched, I was finding out all I could about the guys I had crushes on with the help of search engines and my creative (ok, slightly creepy) mind. I even figured out via Mapquest just how long it would take to get to a certain football player from Ohio’s hometown with the info on his college football page.  Yes, I’m just that good. I’m probably embarrassing my friends for admitting this on my blog, but they are usually thankful for my skills! 

I’ve recently discovered People Finders for info on just how old that guy from the bar Thursday night really is.  I may be scaring some of the men reading this, but I bet some of them do it too. Why wouldn’t they want to see photos of you from a party on Facebook or learn about your philanthropy work? For safety reasons (but more because I’m nosy) I always see what I can find out about a new guy online before a first date. My mom always told me to “use my resources”, so why not apply that to what’s available to me on the internet? I think it would be silly not to at least do a little search…

So, how many of you Google guys you’ve met? xo


  1. We should open a PI Business. I can find guys based solely off of a limited Match.com profile. It would be creepy if it wasn't anonymous.

    Come visit!!

  2. So glad you're "using your resources" lol, you make a MareBare proud!

  3. I googled the guy I am dating now and the things I found were kind of funny. I told him I did it because in all honesty I was just googling everyone I knew. I am happy to say nothing comes up for me. I absolutely love this post though and your honesty!

  4. Heather - Yes, we should def be PI's! PS: would love to visit! Need to arrange a weekend with Renie to make the trip xo


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