Friday, October 29, 2010

Drinks and Dim Sum

Wednesday marked the 27th birthday of my sorority sister and ex-roomie, Lauren.  When celebrating milestones, we love to enjoy a delicious dinner (and numerous cocktails) with our girlfriends.  Wednesday night, we had reservations at Chinatown Brasserie in Noho for our group of lovely ladies.  None of us had been there before, so we were all excited to taste something new.  I am a huge fan of Dim Sum (Chinese style small plates) on a lazy Sunday afternoon in Chinatown.  My favorites are the no frills Mandarin Court for Dim Sum and Tai Pan Bakery for roast pork and red bean buns.  So, I was very curious to see how this restaurant, from the owners of Lure Fishbar in Soho, compared.

(the birthday girl and I as co-maids of honor in our best friend's wedding)

Before ordering from their long menu, we of course ordered drinks.  I enjoyed their new Blood Orange Martini, which they launched for this upcoming Halloween weekend.  This cocktail was a perfect balance of sweet and citrus. 

In the theme of true Dim Sum, we ordered a ton of food to share.  The Roast Pork Buns were tinier than those found in Chinatown, but just as fluffy and indulgent.   The Shanghai Soup Dumplings were hot and flavorful with bits of crab and pork.  The Vegetable Potstickers were light with a great soy based dipping sauce.  The BBQ Duck Spring Rolls were crispy and petite.   

For meals, we tried to order a variety, so that there would be something for everyone.  The Beef Lo Mein was rich, but not greasy like the kind you’d get from your neighborhood takeout.  The Wok Fried Beef with Chinese Broccoli was tender.  The General Tso’s Chicken with Ginger and Scallion was all white meat with a lightly battered crust.  The Wok Sauteed Green Asparagus and Brussell Sprouts was our only veggie dish, but a great compliment to our mostly meat and carb heavy choices.  We were served tiny bowls of both brown and white rice to enjoy with our main plates.  For dessert, we shared the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, because what Birthday Girl would't want chocolate?  We also sampled the Trio of Ice Cream Sandwiches.  My favorite was the Spice Cookie with Green Tea Ice Cream. 

The food was prepared well, and could be considered a more “gourmet” version of what you would find in Chinatown at a higher price.   Next time I’m in the mood for Dim Sum, I’ll definitely head down to Chinatown for a cheaper and just as tasty authentic meal.

Where do you go for Dim Sum? xo

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  1. Love Dim Sum, especially the vegetable choices, so delicious!


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