Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Burbs.

Even a true city girl needs a break from the concrete jungle every once in a while.  This weekend I headed home to Somerset, MA for my cousin Shannon’s surprise 40th birthday party, hosted by our cousin Rachael.  The extended family gathered to enjoy delicious finger foods, desserts, drinks, laughs, and storytelling.   My sister Sami and I bought Shannon a sexy (yet tasteful) lingerie set because with how youthful, fun, beautiful, and fit she is, forty is truly the new twenty!   Rachael spent hours creating the menu, cooking, and setting up an array of treats.  My cousin Liz made rich and amazing mini cupcakes, inspired by Baked By Melissa, in Soho.  As always when I’m with my family, I indulged in more than my share of calories.

                                                               (Rachael and Shannon)

I’ve been living in NYC since I started college in 2002, but I try to come home once every few months for a long weekend visit.  But, the city is obviously THE place to be, so family and friends can't resist visiting me for downtown food, drinks, shopping and fun!  

                                                   (Rachael and Liz visited me in NYC)

Here is a list of my favorite suburban things to do:

1.      The Providence Place Mall (or any mall, for that matter)
2.      Panera Bread
3.      Target  (with a diet coke and popcorn combo)
4.      Nordstrom
5.      Driving a car
6.      Marshalls Shoe Megashop
7.      Hour spa massage for $60 at Back Into Balance
8.      Wrentham Village Premium Outlets (who doesn’t love designer discounts?)

                                          (Sami visited for my 25th birthday at Superdive last year)
What are your suburban must-do's? xo


  1. I like to find a free weekend and the fastest route back to "The City"!!!

  2. SARAH. Providence is not the suburbs. Don't be mean to smaller cities!

  3. LOVE this post...and I love you, Sarah! Thanks for coming to my party!! :)

  4. Rach - I'd love you to visit soon!!

    Ali - Sorry, but after 8 years in NYC, Providence feels like the burbs. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy it though!

    Shan - So glad I came home!! Love you and your robe ;)

  5. Fair enough :) It is a tiny little place to be, and it feels weird after living here for so long, but every time I visit I want to move back there.

  6. I love visiting the mall with my mom - cinnabon time!!

  7. I love the PVD place mall!! a forever 21 shopping spree is a suburban must do since we don't have one in Boston!

  8. Shopping at Nordstrom's then lunch at Panera Bread...that's suburban heaven...LOL

  9. I love it when my girls are home in "The Set" as we call Somerset! So any fun shopping or dining activity for me will do!!

  10. P.S. I just LOVE the pictures in this post....such beautiful ladies!!


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