Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Delete or Not To Delete (his number)

We’ve all been there.  You really like this guy.  He’s cute, makes you laugh, and always fun to be around.  But, lately you’ve heard from him less and less.  You’ve got plans to meet on a week night, but he has to cancel.  He sends a few late night drunk texts.  You wish things could go back to when you first met and he actually took you out to dinners and didn’t assume he was sleeping over.  If you’re like most of my GFs, you will delete his number.   More than once.   You figure if he is no longer in your address book, you can’t contact him.  If he wants to see you, it’s left in his hands.  The tricky thing is, he WILL text you.  And get your hopes up.  Sometimes this will go on for weeks with flirty remarks and promises to see you.  My advice?  If it’s been more than three months of dating, be clear about what you want out of this.   If you’re honestly having fun just seeing him casually, and are open to meeting and dating other guys, then you’re where you want to be.  But, if you want to see him more often and need to be exclusive, this is not the prince charming for you.  

How often do you delete his number? xo


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