Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night I attended the Thrillist Fashion Week NY After Party at The Griffin.  For those of you who don’t get their daily emails yet, it’s time to sign up!  The team at Thrillist covers all of the best new restaurant and bar openings, in major cities.   Choose the city nearest you and get ready to be in the know on the hottest new spots.  

The Griffin is a really cool venue with a massive chandelier hanging over the heads of the tipsy crowd.  The DJ played a range of hits, while male models posed on the mini stages.  My pretty friend Sam and I enjoyed free tequila cocktails and Stellas while we chatted and admired the handsome models. 

As the city tends to be such a small world, I ran into two different groups of friends from college at the party.   I just love running into old friends when out and about in Manhattan!    I may not be a socialite, but I do have lots of wonderful friends!

After the party, Sam and I headed to a diner for burgers (she was healthy and got a side salad, but I of course indulged in the fries) to soak up the alcohol.

Do you follow Thrillist? xo

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  1. I receive an e-mail daily from Thrillist. I love their reviews particularly on restaurants & eateries. You would be an asset for them if they hired you on their team ~ seeing as ATWT is now off the air!


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