Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Recap #2 - Iced, Bro.

I would hope after this summer of Smirnoff’s big comeback, you’ve been “iced”.  If not, you’ve at least heard of this juvenile guy’s game.  The phenomenon of guys forcing other guys to chug a Smirnoff Ice, as quickly as possible, while down on bended knee, was a hit with frat boys in Cali to hipsters in Williamsburg. 

My adorable friend Anne invited us to her boyfriend’s BBQ in his Williamsburg backyard, hosted by none other than the team at Smirnoff.  This talented group of roommates took turns playing DJ, mixing everything from rock to old school 80’s rap classics.  There was an array of grilled food – from hotdogs to tofu dogs, burgers to veggie burgers, chicken and corn.  Beer, and of course Smirnoff Ice, was in abundance.  The crowd was a mix of over a hundred cool and unpretentious kids from Brooklyn and Below 14th Street.  Everyone partied from afternoon until, around 11pm, where we then headed to local bars to continue the festivities without pissing off the neighbors.  I never did get “iced”, as I quickly learned from one of the cutie guys how to block an icing – hide a Smirnoff Ice in my purse, and pull it out when someone tried to get me – this forced the unsuspecting Icer to become the Icee with the job of chugging BOTH of the Ices.  

Have you been “iced”?    xo      


  1. Did you really keep a Smirnoff in your purse? What if no one "iced" you? Would you then enjoy it on the train back to the EV? :)

  2. Oh yes, I kept it in my big foley & corinna bag! I ended up giving it to Sam at the end of the night...but it would have been nice to enjoy it on the L train ;)

  3. hehe yes I ended up "icing" myself to see what all the fuss was about...not a fan. But it could've been b/c it was warm from being in a purse all eve :)

  4. I love it! Is that Anne chugging down the Smirnoff Ice??


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