Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sole Discretion

As any city girl can tell you, she spends hours a day walking.  Walking to the gym.  Walking to the subway.  Walking to the corner bodega.  Walking to the neighborhood dive bar.  The walking is endless.  Generally, I enjoy it.  When the weather is beautiful, like it is now during the autumn months, I’m happy to sightsee as I wander through the city streets.  But after long nights dancing in stilettos or chatting with a cutie in high platforms, a girl needs some relief.  Walking home barefoot, with the chance of catching a disease or stepping in broken glass, is not appealing.  Luckily, there is a new shoe on the market to solve this problem.  My friend Sheree Coleman, along with her partners, have launched a shoe line to come to your rescue.  Visit Sole Discretion to order reasonably priced Slim Goodies flats.  These adorable shoes are packaged in a wristlet that will fit into your handbag.  Just slip on the flats when your swollen feet have had enough.  The wristlet conveniently turns into a tote bag, which you can then stuff your heels in.   

Are you ready to order your first pair? xo


  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for checking out my blog - and for the nice compliment! I am loving your reviews on things, especially the Goodie flats! Have you tried them yet?

    Consider me your newest faithful follower! :)

  2. Jaclyn,

    I have not ordered the flats yet, but plan to this week! What a great idea, huh?

    Enjoying your blog. Thanks for following xo

  3. Love these Sarah!! I need them for DC commuting as well! :o)


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