Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Review: Southside

Even Megan Fox look-alikes must wait in the long line, before entering the basement dance party that is Southside.   All Manhattan-ites know that heading down dark staircases, leads to an epic night.  This club has been open since 2008, but it’s still packed late at night.  Euro princes and young financial analysts alike order bottles with dreams of taking home one of the skinny model hopefuls who fill the dance floor.  The DJ plays a mix of old school hip hop and current hits to entertain the drunk and young crowd under the disco ball.  A menu of specialty cocktails is available, but stick to beer or snag a vodka soda from the gentleman’s table who has been trying to impress you with his knowledge of stocks all night.    Southside. 1 Cleveland Place.

(My previous roommates, Amy and Caitlin at the bar)

Where is your favorite place to dance the night away?


  1. Those were the days when I used to dance the night away!!

  2. Come on Maryann, you can STILL dance the night away!

  3. Thanks for the support, but maybe I could dance for about an hour!!


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