Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Review: Pipa

ABC Home’s intimate tapas bar, is a one-stop shop for interior decorating your sexy Manhattan loft, a boozy brunch with your girlfriends, a delicious dinner with “Mr. Right Now”, and a nightlife destination for endless pitchers of sangria.  This venue is aptly named, as the word “pipa” is Spanish slang for “having a good time”.   The eclectic array of romantic chandeliers hung throughout the dining area, are priced to sell with dangling tags in plain view.   You’ve got to give ABC credit for their business savvy plan to use merchandise as décor.  Try the Crispy Calamari ($13) for a sweet, yet savory crunch.   Enjoy any of the Cocas (Catalan Flat Breads) with your carb-friendly entourage to soak up those pitchers of sangria.  Pipa38 E. 19th St. 

(photo via Insider Pages)

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  1. I LOVE Pipa! The amazing chandeliers add an elegance that can be romantic and lively, all in one. The calamari and spinach + raisin tapas are my favorites.

  2. On our next visit to NYC, Mike & I are planning to have a lovely evening at Pipa!


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