Friday, September 24, 2010

A Review: The Blind Barber

                                                             (photo via Citysearch)

The team behind Ella and Gallery bar have set up shop in the space formerly known as Plan B.  The Blind Barber opened earlier this summer, attracting both the neighborhood’s hipsters and yuppies alike.   By day, men can expect a straight razor shave and a cut in the classic old school barbershop upfront, which includes a drink.  By night, revelers must get past the doorman to enter into the speakeasy style saloon, filled with black and white photos and 1920’s era furniture, which could easily be your grandpa’s den.  Well, that’s only if Grandpa was hiding from Grandma and getting sloshed.  The worn checkered dance floor is filled with tipsy twenty-something’s, moving to the DJ’s mix of hits.   To add to your night of debauchery, order the appropriately named Sweeny Todd, made of Jameson, egg whites, lemon juice, honey syrup and grenadine, served over ice.  With this spot’s transformation, it should now be known as your Plan A.  
The Blind Barber.  339 E. 10th St.

Where is your new favorite downtown spot? xo


  1. I do like the sentence: "Well, that's only if Grandpa was hiding from Grandma and getting sloshed." So funny!

  2. Sounds so cute! There's a speakeasy in San Francisco, too, and it's amazing how it takes you right to another time & place.

  3. I tagged you today for a game of '8 questions!' I hope you'll play along!

    Happy Monday, doll!



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