Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Night Stands

Wow.  You really thought I’d write a tell-all about the subject?  No way – my parents are faithful blog readers and I am obviously a lady.  But, I LOVED My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler.  My friend Sam lent me her copy.  I finished it in less than two days.  Ok, so it was a rainy weekend in the city.  And yes, I did skip the gym to read it.  And no, I didn’t have any dates planned.   So why not spend hours in my bed, reading her antics?  Chelsea’s love of alcohol, men, and telling tall tales will keep you entertained for hours.  Seriously, I only put it down to eat.  This book really captures the women of my generation (aka my slut single friends) who are not ashamed to enjoy loveless sex and (sometimes) drinking until we puke on our shoes.  FYI – said shoes were from Target and it only happened once.  So head to Barnes and Noble (or your local library, if you’re a budget conscience city girl, like me) and get this book asap!   It’s the perfect read during your commute.  I promise you will be laughing out loud the whole trip.  And possibly getting looks from strangers on the subway, who think you are insane.  But hey, they might move away from you and you’ll have a better seat!

What was your favorite summer read? Xo


  1. Hands down, one of my fave books of all time. So hilarious.

  2. Hi Hon, Just followed...thanks for your comment on my Blog! Love the show The Good Wife, what a fun event!

    Bella XoX

  3. Yes, you are a lady & your parents (ahem) are faithful Bright Lights, My City blog readers! I will say, tho'...I'm going to look into reading Chelsea's book. Seeing as I don't have the most exciting life, partly due to my age & lack of significant income, I have to live vicariously through someone!!

  4. What a sweet blog! Now a follower ;-) I still have to read Chelsea's books - I'm totes a fan of her fabulous show!! XO Amy

  5. Read it in about 3 nights. She's my freaking idol...well her humor is, not necessarily her antics!!!!!!

  6. just found your lovely blog :) New follower!


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