Friday, September 17, 2010

Farewell, As The World Turns

After 54 years, As The World Turns (CBS Daytime) has come to an end.  For the past five years, I worked as a member of the production team.  I started as an intern during my senior year of college, and quickly became a full time production coordinator upon graduation, eventually moving up the ranks as a continuity producer.  The staff, crew and actors became my second family.  ATWT was my home away from home in the big city.  This afternoon, CBS will air the final episode.  Check your local listings. 

Throughout the years, the show has adapted to the times, from airing live in black and white to writing a gay teen storyline, followed by famous celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton and winning the GLAAD award.  

So what will happen to your favorite characters in fictional Oakdale, IL?  

Jack and Carly have finally wed (again…and for good this time), Lily and Holden are moving on with their family and getting along, Luke and Noah may have a chance at a future, Lucinda is off with her old flame, Dr. John Dixon, Janet and Dusty are proud parents, Parker will join the Oakdale Police Academy, Katie and Chris (who is now healthy with Dr. Reid Oliver’s heart) are in love, Liberty is a student at FIT,  Susan wishes Casey and Ali well as they got engaged (again, of course) and are moving near Will and Gwen,  Tom and Margo are still blissfully happy after all these years together, Barbara and Henry are married and dancing every night away together, Craig and Rosanna may find it in their hearts to become friends, Meg is still in the nuthouse, Molly has moved back to LA to be near Abigail, Emily and Paul have broken the curse of James Stenbeck,  Lisa still seems to run all that is Oakdale, and finally, Bob and Kim are moving out of town, now that Bob has retired as Chief of Staff at Oakdale Memorial.  

If you forgot to set your DVR, you can catch this very special episode on CBS Online.


It is not goodbye, but “goodnight, dear”.

                              Have any of your favorite shows been cancelled? xo


  1. Sarah, you did a WONDERFUL job recapping the end of "As The World Turns" & the perfect day to choose to share it!!

  2. Sarah...good luck to you in your future endeavors whatever they might be! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the good luck! Glad you enjoyed the post :)


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