Monday, September 27, 2010

8 Questions

Hello, Monday!

This morning, I was "tagged" by the lovely Julie from Brown Eyed Belle in a round of "Eight Questions".  I became her 700th follower last week! Yes, she is THAT fabulous, so check her out.  Read on for my answers, so you can get to know me a little better...

1. Favorite kind of weather?

I may love a summer trip to the Hamptons, but my favorite weather is the brisk fall.  I love walking around the streets of downtown Manhattan with a light sweater and cute boots.

2. Favorite nail polish?


 I am obsessed with Esse polishes!  During the summer, I fell in love with Turquoise & Caicos.  A perfect greenish blue for your toes. 

 During college, I discovered Sugar Daddy as the best go-to color for everyday.

The pretty Caitlin from Style Within Reach bought me my all time favorite red, Bordeaux (above), which I use on and off during the fall and winter months.  Thanks babe!  (photos via Essie)

3. What made you start your blog?

After living in NYC for the past 8 years (as a college student, then as a soap opera producer), I have enjoyed trying the newest restaurants and best bars.  Friends always come to me for advice on the best brunch spot, the most romantic first date bar, or where to have their birthday party.  So why not finally write it all down somewhere?

4. Favorite city that you've visited?

I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with New York City.  But, I am so happy when visiting Lauren from The Sekulas Blog, who lives in Santa Monica.  The beautiful beach, comfortable weather, and delicious restaurants all over LA (and my love for Lauren) keep me coming back for more!  And who knows, maybe I'll get a new producer gig out there one day...

5. Tell us something you collect?

I don't collect anything in particular, but back in my sorority days, I collected anything Alpha Omicron Pi - from t-shirts to stuffed pandas, to pins.  What can I say?  I was a very good Chapter President ;)

6. Favorite dessert?

This is a tie!  Chocolate Banana Tiramisu from Paradiso and Spicy Pumpkin Cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. You must try these treats when in NYC!

7. How old were you when you started "dating"?

                                                         (photo via All Movie Photo)

I didn't go out for a real movie or dinner date until high school, but I had crushes by 5th grade.  Who knew once I moved to NYC I'd turn into a Carrie Bradshaw (honestly, more like a Samantha Jones, but let's pretend I'm always a lady) ?

8. How would you describe your style?

                                                         (pretty stylish city girlfriends)

I prefer feminine touches (like lace and floral prints) mixed with edgy or male trends (like my black leather studded jacket and blazer).  I love heels, but complain so much, that I only wear them on nights out.  I will attempt hipster styles (like my wayfarer Ray-Bans and plaid men's button downs), but I am not cool enough to be a hipster.  I get most of my style ideas from Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and Caitlin from Style Within Reach.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend xo


  1. Love your answer to #7! Everyone has a little Samantha in her - even if we don't admit it! ;)

  2. Love the 8 question idea! My fav answers you gave were the Spicy Pumpkin Cupcake (Sugar Sweet Sunshine make such tasty cupcakes) & the Samantha Jones response, so hilarious!

  3. this was so fun to read Sare!! thanks for the shout out(s)!!! :)

  4. You were a producer at ATWT!! I used to do background work for them all the time :-) I wonder if I ever saw you while I was at the studio - what a small world!!

  5. Ok, I just had a brilliant idea.

    I'll come to NYC and we can go shopping for clothes (my taste is VERY similar), wear our heels out at night, maybe pull out our inner Samantha Jones and paint the town!


    I loved your answers, Sarah! Are you and Caitlin friends?? That's so amazing! She found me on twitter last week, and she is such a doll! As are you, my love!

    MUAH! xoxo

  6. Julie, that sounds amazing! Please do visit NYC :)

    Caitlin was actually my roommate for 2 years in the city - isn't she so fabulous?

    Thanks for tagging me - it was so much fun xo


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