Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Delete or Not To Delete (his number)

We’ve all been there.  You really like this guy.  He’s cute, makes you laugh, and always fun to be around.  But, lately you’ve heard from him less and less.  You’ve got plans to meet on a week night, but he has to cancel.  He sends a few late night drunk texts.  You wish things could go back to when you first met and he actually took you out to dinners and didn’t assume he was sleeping over.  If you’re like most of my GFs, you will delete his number.   More than once.   You figure if he is no longer in your address book, you can’t contact him.  If he wants to see you, it’s left in his hands.  The tricky thing is, he WILL text you.  And get your hopes up.  Sometimes this will go on for weeks with flirty remarks and promises to see you.  My advice?  If it’s been more than three months of dating, be clear about what you want out of this.   If you’re honestly having fun just seeing him casually, and are open to meeting and dating other guys, then you’re where you want to be.  But, if you want to see him more often and need to be exclusive, this is not the prince charming for you.  

How often do you delete his number? xo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Review: Southside

Even Megan Fox look-alikes must wait in the long line, before entering the basement dance party that is Southside.   All Manhattan-ites know that heading down dark staircases, leads to an epic night.  This club has been open since 2008, but it’s still packed late at night.  Euro princes and young financial analysts alike order bottles with dreams of taking home one of the skinny model hopefuls who fill the dance floor.  The DJ plays a mix of old school hip hop and current hits to entertain the drunk and young crowd under the disco ball.  A menu of specialty cocktails is available, but stick to beer or snag a vodka soda from the gentleman’s table who has been trying to impress you with his knowledge of stocks all night.    Southside. 1 Cleveland Place.

(My previous roommates, Amy and Caitlin at the bar)

Where is your favorite place to dance the night away?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wax on. Wax off.

                                                                                            (photos via Uni K Wax)

Big city or small town, women everywhere obsess over their looks.  Whether your weekly mani/pedi is a necessity or getting highlights every six weeks is always booked in your planner, or you dream of your next Swedish massage, as a female, you have certain beauty regiments (or luxuries) that you can’t live without.  Growing up, I wasn’t always the ridiculous girly-girl that I am today.  But, I did realize once I got to the junior high, that the hair on my legs and upper lip had to go.  As a Lebanese American woman, I was blessed with dark hair.  Everywhere.  After attempting Nair on my upper lip during the sixth grade, my mom freaked out.  I tried to explain that a boy made fun of my “mustache” during homeroom, so I needed to take this into my own hands.  Eventually she gave in to sending my sister and me for wax appointments.   

Now that I am an adult lady in the big city, I have found the best place to get my waxes.  Uni K uses an herbal hard wax, which is safe for sensitive skin.  The reception area is always packed with pretty city girls waiting for their appointment.  The rooms are clean and comfortable.  You can book your appointments online (for those of us who find it embarrassing to ask for a full bikini over the phone).  The staff is friendly and efficient.  The women work quickly to result in the least amount of pain as possible (Sorry ladies, but the Brazilian still hurts, no matter how quick!).  The prices are also very reasonable!  Check out their listing of locations – they are expanding around the country.    

So, what is the beauty regimen you can’t live without? xo

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Social Network

On Friday evening, I went to an advance viewing of The Social Network with my friend Guy.  I decided to write about this film on my blog, because even though it is not NYC nightlife or dating related, Facebook truly defines our decade.  How many times a day do you check FB?  How often do you update your status?  Do you post photos from every event you attend?  This social networking site, started in a Harvard dorm room back in 2003, was created and launched by Mark Zuckerberg, played by the adorably dorky Jesse Eisenberg.  This film takes us from his motivation to create Facebook through his million dollar law suits from his best friend, Eduardo Saverin, played by Andrew Garfield, and the frat-tastic Winklevoss twins.  Justin Timberlake is also featured as the Founder of Napster, Sean Parker, who influenced Mark as Facebook began to spread beyond Ivy Leagues to colleges around the world.   After merely six years, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history.  I found it to be fascinating that a genius Harvard undergrad could create something to influence a generation.  The Social Network opens in Theaters this Friday, October 1st.   

Will you update your FB status when seeing this film? xo

8 Questions

Hello, Monday!

This morning, I was "tagged" by the lovely Julie from Brown Eyed Belle in a round of "Eight Questions".  I became her 700th follower last week! Yes, she is THAT fabulous, so check her out.  Read on for my answers, so you can get to know me a little better...

1. Favorite kind of weather?

I may love a summer trip to the Hamptons, but my favorite weather is the brisk fall.  I love walking around the streets of downtown Manhattan with a light sweater and cute boots.

2. Favorite nail polish?


 I am obsessed with Esse polishes!  During the summer, I fell in love with Turquoise & Caicos.  A perfect greenish blue for your toes. 

 During college, I discovered Sugar Daddy as the best go-to color for everyday.

The pretty Caitlin from Style Within Reach bought me my all time favorite red, Bordeaux (above), which I use on and off during the fall and winter months.  Thanks babe!  (photos via Essie)

3. What made you start your blog?

After living in NYC for the past 8 years (as a college student, then as a soap opera producer), I have enjoyed trying the newest restaurants and best bars.  Friends always come to me for advice on the best brunch spot, the most romantic first date bar, or where to have their birthday party.  So why not finally write it all down somewhere?

4. Favorite city that you've visited?

I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with New York City.  But, I am so happy when visiting Lauren from The Sekulas Blog, who lives in Santa Monica.  The beautiful beach, comfortable weather, and delicious restaurants all over LA (and my love for Lauren) keep me coming back for more!  And who knows, maybe I'll get a new producer gig out there one day...

5. Tell us something you collect?

I don't collect anything in particular, but back in my sorority days, I collected anything Alpha Omicron Pi - from t-shirts to stuffed pandas, to pins.  What can I say?  I was a very good Chapter President ;)

6. Favorite dessert?

This is a tie!  Chocolate Banana Tiramisu from Paradiso and Spicy Pumpkin Cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. You must try these treats when in NYC!

7. How old were you when you started "dating"?

                                                         (photo via All Movie Photo)

I didn't go out for a real movie or dinner date until high school, but I had crushes by 5th grade.  Who knew once I moved to NYC I'd turn into a Carrie Bradshaw (honestly, more like a Samantha Jones, but let's pretend I'm always a lady) ?

8. How would you describe your style?

                                                         (pretty stylish city girlfriends)

I prefer feminine touches (like lace and floral prints) mixed with edgy or male trends (like my black leather studded jacket and blazer).  I love heels, but complain so much, that I only wear them on nights out.  I will attempt hipster styles (like my wayfarer Ray-Bans and plaid men's button downs), but I am not cool enough to be a hipster.  I get most of my style ideas from Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and Caitlin from Style Within Reach.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend xo

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Review: The Blind Barber

                                                             (photo via Citysearch)

The team behind Ella and Gallery bar have set up shop in the space formerly known as Plan B.  The Blind Barber opened earlier this summer, attracting both the neighborhood’s hipsters and yuppies alike.   By day, men can expect a straight razor shave and a cut in the classic old school barbershop upfront, which includes a drink.  By night, revelers must get past the doorman to enter into the speakeasy style saloon, filled with black and white photos and 1920’s era furniture, which could easily be your grandpa’s den.  Well, that’s only if Grandpa was hiding from Grandma and getting sloshed.  The worn checkered dance floor is filled with tipsy twenty-something’s, moving to the DJ’s mix of hits.   To add to your night of debauchery, order the appropriately named Sweeny Todd, made of Jameson, egg whites, lemon juice, honey syrup and grenadine, served over ice.  With this spot’s transformation, it should now be known as your Plan A.  
The Blind Barber.  339 E. 10th St.

Where is your new favorite downtown spot? xo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sole Discretion

As any city girl can tell you, she spends hours a day walking.  Walking to the gym.  Walking to the subway.  Walking to the corner bodega.  Walking to the neighborhood dive bar.  The walking is endless.  Generally, I enjoy it.  When the weather is beautiful, like it is now during the autumn months, I’m happy to sightsee as I wander through the city streets.  But after long nights dancing in stilettos or chatting with a cutie in high platforms, a girl needs some relief.  Walking home barefoot, with the chance of catching a disease or stepping in broken glass, is not appealing.  Luckily, there is a new shoe on the market to solve this problem.  My friend Sheree Coleman, along with her partners, have launched a shoe line to come to your rescue.  Visit Sole Discretion to order reasonably priced Slim Goodies flats.  These adorable shoes are packaged in a wristlet that will fit into your handbag.  Just slip on the flats when your swollen feet have had enough.  The wristlet conveniently turns into a tote bag, which you can then stuff your heels in.   

Are you ready to order your first pair? xo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Night Stands

Wow.  You really thought I’d write a tell-all about the subject?  No way – my parents are faithful blog readers and I am obviously a lady.  But, I LOVED My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler.  My friend Sam lent me her copy.  I finished it in less than two days.  Ok, so it was a rainy weekend in the city.  And yes, I did skip the gym to read it.  And no, I didn’t have any dates planned.   So why not spend hours in my bed, reading her antics?  Chelsea’s love of alcohol, men, and telling tall tales will keep you entertained for hours.  Seriously, I only put it down to eat.  This book really captures the women of my generation (aka my slut single friends) who are not ashamed to enjoy loveless sex and (sometimes) drinking until we puke on our shoes.  FYI – said shoes were from Target and it only happened once.  So head to Barnes and Noble (or your local library, if you’re a budget conscience city girl, like me) and get this book asap!   It’s the perfect read during your commute.  I promise you will be laughing out loud the whole trip.  And possibly getting looks from strangers on the subway, who think you are insane.  But hey, they might move away from you and you’ll have a better seat!

What was your favorite summer read? Xo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last night I attend the First Season DVD Release and Second Season Premiere Party for The Good Wife (CBS) with the lovely Renie, who is a publicist for Inside Edition.

The event was held at Gotham Hall, an elegant catering hall in Midtown.  The stars walked the small red carpet and held press interviews regarding the upcoming season, which premieres Tuesday, September 28th.

Julianna Margulies looked beautiful and more youthful than her days in ER.   The cast members mingled with their producers, CBS Execs, publicists and the press.

The open bar was never too crowded, but I'm sure Renie and I kept the bartenders busy!  The food was delicious.  We enjoyed passed appetizers of pommes frite cones, mini crab cakes, and sliders.  The buffet was set up with a range of finger foods from mini pizza, to meatballs, to cheese platters.

For the grab bags, everyone received the DVD set of Season One.  I'm looking forward to watching all of the episodes that I missed!

Will you be watching Season Two? xo

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Review: Luke's Lobster

Growing up in a New England beach town, there are certain foods that not only remind me of home, but are usually best when made and enjoyed by the sea.   Luke’s Lobster brings those fresh and delicious seafood memories to life in the big city.  From the heaping Maine lobster sandwiches to the creamy bisques, a Cape Cod girl no longer feels homesick.  Pull up a stool, and share the “Noah’s Ark” ($38) with a friend for a sampling of their three different rolls (lobster, crab and shrimp), Empress crab claws, chips and soda.  When your tummy is filled with their treats, you can almost smell the ocean.  Luke’s Lobster. 93 E. 7th St & 242 E. 81st St.

Where do you get your favorite Lobster Roll? xo

Luke's Lobster on Urbanspoon

Friday, September 17, 2010

Farewell, As The World Turns

After 54 years, As The World Turns (CBS Daytime) has come to an end.  For the past five years, I worked as a member of the production team.  I started as an intern during my senior year of college, and quickly became a full time production coordinator upon graduation, eventually moving up the ranks as a continuity producer.  The staff, crew and actors became my second family.  ATWT was my home away from home in the big city.  This afternoon, CBS will air the final episode.  Check your local listings. 

Throughout the years, the show has adapted to the times, from airing live in black and white to writing a gay teen storyline, followed by famous celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton and winning the GLAAD award.  

So what will happen to your favorite characters in fictional Oakdale, IL?  

Jack and Carly have finally wed (again…and for good this time), Lily and Holden are moving on with their family and getting along, Luke and Noah may have a chance at a future, Lucinda is off with her old flame, Dr. John Dixon, Janet and Dusty are proud parents, Parker will join the Oakdale Police Academy, Katie and Chris (who is now healthy with Dr. Reid Oliver’s heart) are in love, Liberty is a student at FIT,  Susan wishes Casey and Ali well as they got engaged (again, of course) and are moving near Will and Gwen,  Tom and Margo are still blissfully happy after all these years together, Barbara and Henry are married and dancing every night away together, Craig and Rosanna may find it in their hearts to become friends, Meg is still in the nuthouse, Molly has moved back to LA to be near Abigail, Emily and Paul have broken the curse of James Stenbeck,  Lisa still seems to run all that is Oakdale, and finally, Bob and Kim are moving out of town, now that Bob has retired as Chief of Staff at Oakdale Memorial.  

If you forgot to set your DVR, you can catch this very special episode on CBS Online.


It is not goodbye, but “goodnight, dear”.

                              Have any of your favorite shows been cancelled? xo

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night I attended the Thrillist Fashion Week NY After Party at The Griffin.  For those of you who don’t get their daily emails yet, it’s time to sign up!  The team at Thrillist covers all of the best new restaurant and bar openings, in major cities.   Choose the city nearest you and get ready to be in the know on the hottest new spots.  

The Griffin is a really cool venue with a massive chandelier hanging over the heads of the tipsy crowd.  The DJ played a range of hits, while male models posed on the mini stages.  My pretty friend Sam and I enjoyed free tequila cocktails and Stellas while we chatted and admired the handsome models. 

As the city tends to be such a small world, I ran into two different groups of friends from college at the party.   I just love running into old friends when out and about in Manhattan!    I may not be a socialite, but I do have lots of wonderful friends!

After the party, Sam and I headed to a diner for burgers (she was healthy and got a side salad, but I of course indulged in the fries) to soak up the alcohol.

Do you follow Thrillist? xo

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Recap #3 - The Hamps.

For my best friend’s bachelorette, ten pretty city gals headed out to Montauk for a long weekend.   

As a New Yorker, you must escape the concrete jungle as often as possible during the summer months!  The city tends to smell, the subway stations are heated torture chambers, and even the best bars are an empty ghost town on a Saturday night.  

During this bachelorette getaway, we enjoyed days tanning on the beach, and nights in our dancin’ heels.   The Surf Lodge is the ultimate party destination for city escapees.    This beach themed venue has multiple bars and rooms with a backyard patio that leads to a sandy campfire.  We preferred drinking outside, with our toes in the sand.  The DJ played a mix of old school hip hop with Top 40 hits.  It seemed that everyone in the Hamptons, who thought that they were everyone, was there that Saturday night.  The Surf Lodge.  183 Edgemere Street.

Who wants a summer share with me next year? xo

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Recap #2 - Iced, Bro.

I would hope after this summer of Smirnoff’s big comeback, you’ve been “iced”.  If not, you’ve at least heard of this juvenile guy’s game.  The phenomenon of guys forcing other guys to chug a Smirnoff Ice, as quickly as possible, while down on bended knee, was a hit with frat boys in Cali to hipsters in Williamsburg. 

My adorable friend Anne invited us to her boyfriend’s BBQ in his Williamsburg backyard, hosted by none other than the team at Smirnoff.  This talented group of roommates took turns playing DJ, mixing everything from rock to old school 80’s rap classics.  There was an array of grilled food – from hotdogs to tofu dogs, burgers to veggie burgers, chicken and corn.  Beer, and of course Smirnoff Ice, was in abundance.  The crowd was a mix of over a hundred cool and unpretentious kids from Brooklyn and Below 14th Street.  Everyone partied from afternoon until, around 11pm, where we then headed to local bars to continue the festivities without pissing off the neighbors.  I never did get “iced”, as I quickly learned from one of the cutie guys how to block an icing – hide a Smirnoff Ice in my purse, and pull it out when someone tried to get me – this forced the unsuspecting Icer to become the Icee with the job of chugging BOTH of the Ices.  

Have you been “iced”?    xo      

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion's Night Out!

Friday night in NYC was crazy with the kickoff to Fashion Week! From Soho to Madison Avenue, the streets were filled with fashionistas, socialites, and celebrities alike.  As a notorious downtown girl, I headed to Soho with a group of girlfriends for some shopping, champagne sipping, and celeb sight seeing.  We enjoyed buying a few essential fall pieces at Bloomingdale's and walking outside to see the Marc By Marc Jacobs Accessories Truck crowded by trendy students and young shoppers.  What a cute idea!  

My friend Amy, a student at FIT and gal about town, entered a best dressed contest at Amarcord, a vintage shop with amazing handbags, jewelery, dresses, and just about everything a girl could want.  She is always dressed to impress, so she deserves to win!  We then headed to kate spade, one of my favorite designers.  We saw Tim Gunn from Project Runway signing his book and chatting with fans.  We enjoyed passed hor d'ouevres and cocktails. We spent hours in and out of some of the best stores in the city.  

Where did you celebrate Fashion's Night Out ? xo

Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer Recap #1 - GoldBar. On a school night.

As any city girl knows, the most memorable (and severe hangover inducing) nights happen in the middle of the week.  On May 20th, a couple of my best gals and I headed out for a GNO (our clever abbreviation for what else, but a Girls’ Night Out).  After hitting up a few LES favorites, we met up with friends at GoldBar for Asher Roth’s Website Launch Party.   Boy, did we “love college” as much as we loved Asher in the DJ booth.  Of course this night led to dancing until we had to sneak by our doormen, barefoot, with heels in hand.  

GoldBar. 389 Broome Street.

  (Photos via Metromix)

                                          Where is your favorite week night spot?  xo     


Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Review: Pipa

ABC Home’s intimate tapas bar, is a one-stop shop for interior decorating your sexy Manhattan loft, a boozy brunch with your girlfriends, a delicious dinner with “Mr. Right Now”, and a nightlife destination for endless pitchers of sangria.  This venue is aptly named, as the word “pipa” is Spanish slang for “having a good time”.   The eclectic array of romantic chandeliers hung throughout the dining area, are priced to sell with dangling tags in plain view.   You’ve got to give ABC credit for their business savvy plan to use merchandise as d├ęcor.  Try the Crispy Calamari ($13) for a sweet, yet savory crunch.   Enjoy any of the Cocas (Catalan Flat Breads) with your carb-friendly entourage to soak up those pitchers of sangria.  Pipa38 E. 19th St. 

(photo via Insider Pages)

Pipa on Urbanspoon
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