Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Eve Do's & Don'ts

New Year’s Eve in NYC is advertised as the biggest party night of the year.  Big expectations, big money, big debauchery, and if you don’t give it planning, it can be a big disappointment.  Having lived in NYC for the past eight years, I’ve been to an array of NYE bashes from VIP tickets to a meatpacking club soiree, to Brooklyn house parties, to a bar crawl of sorts in the East Village.  Whether you’re looking for a ticked night at a lounge with your Bridge and Tunnel buddies or a low key evening at a dive bar, check out these Dos and Don’ts.

If you MUST buy a ticket to a NYE party:

Do: Read the fine print.
If you’re into a night out at one of the city’s mega-clubs, remember there’s a difference between a quickie one-hour happy hour and an extended, 6-hour open bar with top shelf liquor.  Make sure you’re getting the latter.  You want to get your money’s worth at these packed events.

Don't: Expect to Mingle with Kim Kardashian.
Parties like to say, “Bar XYZ’s Party…with Lindsay Lohan!”  Whichever party has Lindsay Lohan as a host (or guest) would probably be a damn good time.  But you shouldn’t expect to actually wait for the bathroom with Lindsay Lohan, talking about nail polish and doing lines.  You’d be shocked how many people misunderstand this.  If you want to spend some real quality time with a real celebrity, PA on a film shoot or check into rehab.

Do: Eat.
Parties love to advertise things like “gourmet hors d’oeuvres” or “all night buffet”.  And sometimes that’s true.  But, usually there’s a tiny platter of cheese and crackers that disappears by 10:00pm.  So before you get to the party (and consume dangerous amounts of Belvedere) have a proper dinner to prepare for the hours spent on New Year’s Day with your head hanging over the toilet.

Don't: Arrive at the usual "cool" time.
All you nightlife kings and queens know how it goes.  On most nights, it’s lame to get to a bar or party before midnight.  On New Year’s Eve, forget the usual hipper-than-thou etiquette.  Get there early to beat the lines, check your coats, and get a head start on attacking that open bar.

For those New Yorker’s against the expensive tickets, bottle service, and bullshit:

Do: Get your girlfriends together.
Whether you all meet for a dinner at your favorite neighborhood restaurant before drinks at your go-to bar or throw a party in your loft, make sure you’re with your best gals.  A night of drinking and discussing your plans for the New Year are best with your closest crew.

Do: Bring your favorite beverage to the house party.
When throwing a party, the host will always have a few beer or liquor choices - and maybe even a themed drink (Pink Panty Pulldowns, anyone?).  But, don’t forget your manners - bring a bottle of good wine, a handle of vodka, or a pack of quality beer to share with your fellow partiers.

Don't: Forget about your midnight kiss.
Make sure Mr. Right Now will be attending the same party or stopping by the same local bar before the ball drops.  If not, eye that cutie you noticed when you walked into the party and chat it up when the glasses of champagne are being passed around.  Because who doesn’t want to get in a smooch to ring in the New Year?

What are your NYE plans? xo

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rent The Runway

With New Year’s Eve just three nights away, you most likely have your sexiest sequined dress purchased to rock with your favorite platform pumps.  If you’ve been too busy or overwhelmed this Holiday Season to plan the perfect outfit for the last night of the year, you’re in luck!  There is still time to order a dress from Rent The Runway to ring in 2011.

If you’re new to this amazing borrowing site, you will soon become an addict!  As every New York fashionista knows, you will be photographed at most events throughout the year (even if it’s just by one of your coworkers who loves to post albums on Facebook), so you are always looking for the best new dress and accessories for every birthday dinner, first date, wedding, party at GoldBar, and red carpet event.  At Rent The Runway, choose from current season fashion from over 95 designers.  You can access your favorite pieces for 90% off retail prices.  Just enter the date of your event, your size, and the zip code of where you’ll need your dress shipped.  As a New Yorker, you can even get same day shipping for $25 if you need your dress for a last minute date with Mr. Right.  You will even get a backup size at no additional cost, in case your usual size does not fit correctly in that specific style.  The day after your event, just ship your dress or accessories back in the pre-paid envelope that has been provided.  No need to stress about dry cleaning!  

Prices start as low as $50 to rent beauties from See by Chloe, Nicole Miller, Milly & so many more fabulous designers.  Invite your friends to join and you’ll receive $20 credit after your friend’s first rental has shipped!

If you’re looking to make a purchase on Rent The Runway, there is now a Clearance section with many items available to buy.

Are you ready to rent your first dress? xo

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Hot Chocolates Downtown

During chilly winter days when you’re out and about in the city, a cup of hot chocolate is the perfect sweet treat to warm up with.  Stop by one of these downtown spots for some of the best hot chocolates in New York City.
Union Square:
The City Bakery could possibly be the most popular hot chocolate spot in the city, thanks in part to their annual Hot Chocolate Festival.  The cocoa is so rich, thick and chocolaty; it is a good thing that it comes in a mini 4 ounce shot for $2 or a small for $5.  Add a fluffy homemade marshmallow for 25¢.  

Step into Max Brenner for a whimsical chocolate fantasy!  Whirling machines of melted chocolate spin alongside the dining tables and gift shop, while tubes carrying chocolate crisscross the ceiling.  There are a few varieties to choose from for $5.25 including Mexican and Mocha, with my all time favorite indulgence being the Choco-Pops (dark, milk or white hot chocolate with crunchy chocolate wafer balls).  Each hot chocolate is served in an adorable “Hug Mug” for a cozy feel.

Belgian chocolate is a popular dessert to eat and sure makes a mean hot drink.  Sit in the front bakery or a back communal table at Le Pain Quotidien and enjoy the light, frothy, creamy blend made with your choice of organic milks for $3.95.  With ten downtown locations, you can easily find this shop around your nearest corner.

Vosges Haut Choclat, a Chicago import, dishes up “couture cocoa”.  Enjoy the sophisticated, rich, and creamy Parisienne, voted #1 hot chocolate by Rachel Ray.  For a more exotic taste order the Aztec Elixir, a blend of ancho and chipotle chilies combined with cinnamon, vanilla bean and dark chocolate.  Both flavorful hot chocolates are served in one size for $4.50.

For a solid basic hot chocolate, you can always rely on Balthazar Bakery.  Order the standard size for $5.  Enjoy with an item from the bakery or on the go when shopping in Soho.

Warm up in the European styled Cacao Bar and Tea Salon of MarieBelle.  South American cacao beans are brewed with water or milk to a cake batter-like texture.  The Milk Chocolate and Bananas will appeal to kids of any age.  Choose from a variety of chocolate styles, from White Chocolate and Cinnamon to Maya Dark Unsweetened 70%.  Each hot chocolate is luxurious and decadent, starting at $6 for a small.

Lower East Side:
When heading to the 2nd Avenue F train visit Little Veselka, a kiosk outpost of the beloved East Village coffee shop Veselka.  This is a perfect in the park location for kids who want to hit the playground and drink their cocoa, too. One size is available for $2.50.

A place called Sugar has got to be good!  Stop by Sugar Cafe to get your cocoa from the carry out bakery style front or sit in the back of this small cafe.  This basic hot chocolate arrives with a squirt of whipped cream for $2.50.

Greenwich Village: 
Jacques Torres is a household name for New York chocoholics.  “Mr. Chocolate” serves his famous drinking chocolates at his factory.  So intensely rich and thick, almost the pudding of all hot chocolates, you might not be able to finish your whole cup.  Order the famous classic dark hot chocolate for $3.  Specialty flavors of Caramel, White Mint, Orange, and Wicked are also available for $3 - $3.50 per cup.

Grab a seat at the bar or a spot at a marble counter at Otto just for a cup of Gianduja Calda, a medium-thick, rich blend of milk and hazelnut chocolates, melted with hazelnut-steeped milk for $4.50.   

Where do you get your favorite hot chocolate?  xo         

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Single Girl's New Year's Resolutions

1. Lose 10lbs (at least).

2. Stop drunk texting the ex.

3. Take more yoga classes to de-stress and relax.

4. End it with Mr. Right Now before getting attached.

5. Call your parents more often.

6. Get back in touch with old friends (the ones who stood buy you in middle school, danced with you at prom, and knew you before your big city girl days).

7. Spend less time on Facebook and Twitter.  And more time face to face with your bffs.

8. Take time to do things that make YOU happy.  It's okay to be "selfish" from time to time.

9. Volunteer for a cause you truly care about.

10. Follow your own advice.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? xo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CupcakeStop Now Open

On December 15th, coincidentally National Cupcake Day, Lev Ekster, the owner of the infamous CupcakeStop trucks, opened his flagship store in the West Village.  I attended the preview night for Downtown Diaires and had a lovely time sampling mini cupcakes (the Red Velvet and Chocolate Oreo Crumb were amaze).  

The Real Housewives of New York City stars Alex McCord and her husband Simon van Kempen attended with their young boys to sample the sweet treats.  

The shop was busy with press and reality stars.  For my full exclusive review, click here.

(images via Guest of a Guest)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Veniero's for the Holidays

(my adorable parents enjoying coffee and pastries at Veniero's)

If you’re celebrating Christmas in the city with family or with the family you have created for yourself, bring a little holiday cheer in the form of sweets to your gathering.  Veniero’s, famous in the East Village since 1894, serves an array of baked goods perfect for any party.  I adore buying their mini pastries (from cannolis to tarts), which are available by the pound, and bringing them to every celebration from summer cookouts to Holiday dinners.  Orders can be ready to pick up or for local delivery in the New York Metro Area.  Some of their cakes, such as the 3 Flavor Pound Cake (with rum, coconut, and almond), New York Cheesecake, and the Carrot Cake, can be shipped anywhere in the US to spread some love to your relatives around the country.  My absolute favorite option when customizing a cake at Veniero’s is adding their cannoli cream as a filling.  This is a must!

Veniero’s is also great for satisfying your late night sweet tooth when wandering around the East Village.  Grab a seat in their café for a slice of one of their delicious cakes from their long menu.

Where is your favorite classic New York City bakery? xo

Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa or Scrooge?

With the Holiday Season in full swing, gift giving has begun and will continue until Santa makes his way down your chimney.  During this time of shopping and wish lists, there can be pressure on new couples when deciding what to get their new love (or if they should even be exchanging gifts at all).  How early is too early for gift giving?  When in your relationship do you begin buying electronics and expecting little blue boxes from Tiffany’s?   

Have you ever started a relationship around the Holidays and wondered what to do? xo

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Review: La Zarza

When looking for a spot for a birthday dinner celebration, finding a restaurant with shareable dishes – like tapas or dim sum, leads to an interactive night of sharing and tasting.  I’m a big fan of Pipa a wonderful tapas restaurant, for everything from large group birthday dinners to an intimate date.  I tend to compare every tapas spot I visit to Pipa’s delicious menu. 

For my friend Belinda’s birthday dinner, we decided to give La Zarza a chance.  Located in the East Village, and very close to my apartment, I’ve always been curious.  We ordered tons of appetizers, salads, and meals to share.  My favorite appetizers were Patatas Bravas, Crocantitos (yummy calamari, but nothing is like Pipa’s sweet calamari – I’m obsessed), and the Mac N Cheese (it’s hard to find anything with cheese that I dislike). 

The De Remolacha (roasted beets with caramelized shallots, warm goat cheese, and balsamic reduction sauce) was the best of the salads. 

Try their Paella de La Zarza for a classic paella. 

The skirt steak with a fried egg was heavy, but flavorful.  

Overall it was a great spot to celebrate with a large group of friends!

What are your favorite tapas restaurants? xo

La Zarza Lounge on Urbanspoon

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Single Girl's Holiday Wishlist

1. To meet a handsome stranger under the mistletoe. (Preferably not at your company's Holiday party)

2. A close group of girlfriends whom you can rely on for late night phone calls, brunch dates, shopping excursions, and to remind you that you are a beautiful woman, worthy of true love.

3. Black Louboutin’s for date nights with Mr. Right (hell, you'll wear those babies with Mr. Right Now or even Mr. One Night Only)

4. The Complete Series Collector’s Box Set of Sex and The City DVDs

5. McDonalds delivery (for when only fries will cure your PMS)

6. A job that you love, but won't be married to (in the hopes that one day you can still be a career woman, but have time to marry Mr. Right and have perfect children)

7. To be treated to a romantic dinner date and not be expected to spend the night.

8. A loving family who will let you move back in once you kick out your ex from your pricey Soho one bedroom that you can’t afford on your own.

9. A sexy personal trainer to get your booty in shape, while enjoying the eye candy.

10. Platonic guy friends who you can enjoy wings and beer with, take to events when you're "inbetween boyfriends", carry heavy boxes when you move into a 5th floor walk-up, fix your laptop when it freezes, and are willing to set you up on dates with their buddies.

11. Gift certificate for a year’s worth of manicures and pedicures.

12. A reliable, dependable, respectful man who will call you back every time.

What made your single girl wish list? xo

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Between Boyfriends

Do you have a book that you can’t help but re-read over and over again for advice, laughter, and mostly to remind yourself that you’re not destined to be a crazy cat lady living in a messy one bedroom downtown?  The Between Boyfriends Book has served as one of those books that my girlfriends have been talking about since college and I have finally read.  I know I will be referencing this dating-guide-of-sorts many more times as I date around Manhattan (and occasionally the outer boroughs).   

The author, Cindy Chupack, was an Executive Producer/writer and Golden Globe and Emmy winner on the beloved Sex and The City.  With her resume, you just know you’ll enjoy this book even before you open the cover.  Once you start reading, you’ll be hooked.  And you’ll probably finish it over the course of a few long subway commutes (or one annoying day at jury duty).  But, be forewarned, you WILL laugh out loud, which results in looks from that homeless man on the L train (or the lady running the jury duty waiting room).  This New York Times bestseller takes a hilarious look on dating, love, and being single in the city.

Some of my favorite essay topics covered are “sexual sorbet” (the first man you sleep with after a break up) and “lone rangered” (to have a relationship end in a mysterious and annoying way – with no goodbye, no answers, just the vague feeling that you have no idea who that man was).  I saw myself or my girlfriends in almost every situation.  Cindy’s writing makes you feel like she is one of your BFF’s, telling her tales in person over glasses of chardonnay.   Some of her stories are written for single ladies who have long finished their twenty-something dating days, such as “eggsistential crisis” (a panic attack common among women in their late thirties).   She even has a gay ex-husband, who is now one of her best friends.  She has truly dated every type of man out there.  No matter the topic, each and every chapter will make you smile and feel better about your past loves and mistakes.

Cindy considers her years of dating as “research”, which is exactly how I’d like to think of my years, months, weeks, (and sometimes nights) of dating so many Mr. Wrongs in NYC.  She prefers to say she is “between boyfriends” rather than “single”.  I can’t help but find that phrase appropriate for describing the time period when ladies are going on dates, and kissing a few of the wrong frogs, before one turns into a prince.

PS - If Cindy could hire me as her assistant, it would make my little dating blogger dream come true ;)

What is your favorite dating book? xo

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Review: Cornerstone

As a New Yorker, a brunch date with your girlfriends is a weekend must.  A boozy brunch date with your girlfriends is even better.  On Saturday afternoon, I ventured out to Brooklyn (truly the “New Manhattan”) to the lovely neighborhood of Fort Greene to dine in celebration with well wishes to our friend Kristin before her big move to Australia with her wonderful boyfriend. 

The Cornerstone is an adorable restaurant offering brunch from 10am - 4pm on weekends, featuring unlimited mimosas and bloody marys for $25 with your meal.   Unlimited booze during brunch can lead to a long afternoon turned into a long evening of drinking.  And how can that be a bad thing?

Most of us ordered the Apple Chicken Sausage with eggs, home fries, spinach, and toast.  The meal was delicious and the never ending pitchers of mimosas were refreshing and strong.  The Chicken and Waffles have been rated as one of the Best in Brooklyn, so this is a must for my next visit!  There was live music, which is another plus in my book (unless you arrive to brunch with a hangover, then any additional noises can be unbearable).

Cornerstone is dedicated to supporting small farms and sustainable agriculture.  They cook with fresh produce, which is delivered daily and choose Organic products whenever possible.   All of their meats and poultry are hormone-free and antibiotic-free.  Their seafood is always wild and never farmed.   

Where is your favorite brunch spot in Brooklyn? xo

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tweet This.

How can anyone date (or even survive) in NYC without being socially connected…or at least own current technology? 

I spent a few months this past spring dating a handsome FDNY firefighter.   A born and bred boy from Yonkers, he came from a close family and loved his job.  I mean he really loved his job.  He spent most of his time with his grown-up fraternity: fighting fires, cooking at the firehouse, playing softball on Randall's Island, and drinking beer.  Those guys loved beer. 

Anyway, he communicated via text - with middle school-style abbreviations and never with a full sentence.  Friends would say, “Well, all guys in the city do that.”  But here’s the difference: that was his ONLY means of reaching me.  He planned all of our dinner dates this way.  He only dialed to let me know if he was running late (ONCE).  His flip phone was without email or browser capabilities.  As my good friend Belinda said, “Why would he need a Blackberry?  Is the firehouse going to email him with an emergency about a cat stuck in a tree on 105th and Lex?”  I guess she was right - he didn’t need a Smartphone.   

But, why didn’t he have a Facebook account?  How was I going to stalk pictures of his ex-girlfriends or read his plans on his wall?   His MySpace account was active, but no one had written to him since 2008.  I felt embarrassed to have to log in to accept his friendship.  Searching for new bands, was his reason for logging in daily.  He still uses his AOL email address.  Explaining Gmail to him was useless.  Why would he need to gchat, if he can use his AIM?  I hadn’t signed in to see my buddy list since my days in the dorm.   And Twitter?  I didn't even bother questioning his knowledge on that.  But, hey, at least I can be confident that this post won’t embarrass him - he will never read my blog.

Have any of you ladies encountered city guys with technical difficulties? xo

Friday, December 10, 2010

For The East Village Wino

When looking to purchase a bottle of wine, you must first consider how it will be enjoyed.  Whether it’s to compliment an elegant meal at a dinner party, as a Holiday housewarming gift, or to drink alone in your apartment while watching a chick flick (don’t worry, I won’t tell), there are a range of wines available to purchase for every occasion at these East Village wine shops.

Tinto Fino, a quaint Spanish wine shop, offers a range of sparkling fruity wines to heavy reds from regions throughout Spain.  The staff is helpful and knowledgeable.  Samples are offered, which is always important when choosing a new wine.  The sweet sparkling wines are perfect to toast friends at a summer rooftop party; while the heavier reds and dry or crisp whites are a must for any dinner gathering.  They offer four wine clubs, for those enthusiastic to join when your “thirst for Spanish wines has become insatiable”.

Alphabet Wine Co. is a charming wine shop designed with wooden floors and a cozy ambiance.  The staff is always friendly and can help you find the perfect wine.  Their slogan “Wine To The People” is executed through offering reasonably priced wines (mostly ranging from $10 - $20 per bottle).  They understand how hard New Yorkers work and just how much we appreciate a good bottle of wine at the end of the day.  This neighborhood gem has become my go to spot for wines for any occasion.  Check out the owner’s blog East Village Wine Geek for info on wine tastings and more!

If you’re looking for a wine shop with a large selection and supermarket feel, visit Astor Wines & Spirits.   There is a vast range of wines, organized by region and price.  There is also a wide range of sake and spirits to purchase.  Make sure to get a cart, as you will be tempted to fill it up.  There is always a display of the “Top Ten under $10”, as well as Staff Picks, when the large room of bottles feels overwhelming.  Gift cards are available for purchase.  You can also give the gift of a Monthly Wine Club, which ranges from $24.99 per month for novices to $599.99 per month for the most sophisticated palates.  Astor Wines offers free shipping throughout most of New York State.

When in doubt, and in a rush through Union Square’s madness, there’s always Trader Joe’s Wine Shop, for cheapies.  The “Two Buck Chuck” may not be classy, but you can buy it in cases and it can be delivered throughout Manhattan.  All of the wines at Trader Joe's are inexpensive; so try a few each time you stop by.

Where is your favorite wine shop? xo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Review: Diablo Royale Este

A Margarita mixed with sparkling wine – dangerous or delicious?  You will find this cocktail (The Luci) to be both, at Diablo Royale Este

During brunch stop in to enjoy a Mexican inspired menu filled with solid dishes, such as a Breakfast Quesadilla (eggs, pepper bacon, cheese, roasted peppers, roasted tomato-cascabel salsa) or Chilaquiles (tomatillo and tortilla chip casserole with eggs over easy, cheese and your choice of chicken, carnitas, or vegetables).  Ask your server about adding alcohol to your early afternoon for $22.

When looking for debauchery, stop by late night to mingle with cuties, sip strong tequila cocktails, such as the house specialty Diablo Ricky (3/4 lager beer with ½ frozen margarita), and prepare for tomorrow’s hangover with heavy snacks, like Bocaditos De Papa (potato and cheese croquettes with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce) or an order of Guacamole and chips. 

Where is your favorite Mexican restaurant and cocktail lounge? Xo

Diablo Royale Este on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is it Love (Or Just Sex)?

Did you sleep together because you love him? Or do you love him because you slept together?

These questions are common at the beginning of a relationship.  As women tend to become emotionally attached once they have sex with their new guy, you can’t help but wonder if she’s fallen for him or if she just thinks she has because of the chemicals released after the act.  The intimacy of the kissing, cuddling, and all that goes along with sex can cause confusion over your true feelings. 

Are you the type who waits to have sex with a new partner, until you know how you truly feel?  Or do you just live in the moment and then let the relationship develop along the way? xo

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sex Toy Party

A girls’ night in with your best girlfriends is a guaranteed fun time – with endless bottles of wine, too many cheesy appetizers, stories of bad dates, and lots of catching up.  Add sex toys for sale into the mix and the night is one to remember!  

Shley, one of my best college (and now “adult life”) friends threw a sex toy party with a consultant from Passion Parties, on Saturday night at her apartment in Astoria.  Almost twenty girls spent the evening getting tipsy, and enjoying themed snacks, while learning about the newest massage oils, vibrators, and other sex goodies too R Rated for my blog.

These parties are fun whether you’re hosting in a spacious home in the burbs or squeezing friends into your city apartment (forcing a few to sit on the floor beside the table filled with lubes and toy cleaner).  When hosting a Sex Toy Party, make sure to invite both your loud and sexually open friends, along with a few shy or seemingly prudish ladies – they WILL surprise you.  Make sure to have tons of alcohol on hand and a few snacks.  Don’t stress when planning, as the toys and your best gals’ stories and jokes will make the night a success.

Have you been to a sex toy party? xo

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sunday Funday

City Crab has a great happy hour on weeknights from 4-7pm, which includes half price delicious seafood appetizers, specialty cocktails, wine and beer.  Catch up with your girlfriends over dollar oysters or little necks, and a glass of Chardonnay after a long day in the office.   

Recently, they have extended their happy hour of half price deals to include Saturdays from 4-7pm, Friday and Saturday evenings from 10pm – close, and the best deal of all: Sunday Funday from noon – 7pm.  Bring your brunch crew to Sunday Funday at City Crab to enjoy hours of drinking and great food.  Order a few Bellini-tinis with Crab, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Lobster Macaroni and Cheese, and Jumbo Buffalo Shrimp.

Where is your favorite spot for Sunday Funday? xo

City Crab & Seafood Company- Fresh Daily Since 1993 on Urbanspoon

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feast or Famine?

When dating in NYC one thing is always the same as anywhere else in the world – it’s either feast or famine.  There are weeks that go by without any prospects.  Wishing you could meet a new guy.  But, before you know it, there will be a few days in a row when you need to double book yourself with dates for dinners, drinks, museums, concerts, and sporting events. 

A former roommate of mine had triple booked an evening, and I’m still not sure how this darling girl pulled it off.  She met the first guy out for happy hour, then left to meet her second gentleman suitor for dinner, before heading to her final date of the evening for late night drinks.   This pretty lady is usually being pursued by new men – she is not only stunning, but sweet, outgoing, intelligent, and lovely.  What guy could resist?   But, even this sought after beauty goes through dating dry spells. 

When you get a text from the cutie you met at the bar last Thursday night, inevitably your ex leaves you a voicemail that day, and your handsome coworker seems to be stopping by your desk more often with flirty gestures and plans to get together outside of the office.  All of my girlfriends have found themselves in this predicament – too many potential men all at once, or none in sight for long periods of time.

Do you experience feast or famine when dating? xo

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hangover Dining.

It’s Sunday morning.  You’re head is pounding no matter how much Advil you take.  You even remembered to drink a few glasses of water at the bar, but the hangover still won.  You can’t decide if you need to throw up or force greasy food in your mouth.   If you choose the second option, here is a list of the best hangover remedies in the East Village.

For a solid diner breakfast, head to Veselka.  The egg dishes are always great, and their corned beef hash or plump sausages add just the right amount of heaviness to settle your stomach.   The pancakes are fluffy, flavorful, and giant for when you’re in need of a sweet dish.  With their Ukrainian traditions, you can satisfy your eclectic alcohol induced cravings by adding fried perogies or borscht to your meal.

When you need a thick meaty sandwich in your recovery, This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef has just what you’re looking for.  Order “This Way” for roast beef on a roll with au jus and cheese wiz.  If you’re starving, order “That Way” for roast beef on an Italian bread hero with gravy and fresh mozzarella cheese.  These sandwiches will fill up any little piggy out there!

If all you’re craving are hot and salty fries, throw on your sunglasses and wait in the long line at Pommes Frites.  With so many toppings to choose from, like pesto mayo and curry ketchup, everyone can find a favorite to dip their Belgian fries in.

Will a hot dog make you feel better? Crif Dogs offers a variety of hot dogs, along with tater tots and cheese fries.  The Philly Tubesteak (their dog with cheese and sautéed onions) and the Good Morning (their dog wrapped in bacon, smothered in cheese, and topped with a fried egg) will coat your stomach and make you forget all about last night’s vodka sodas.

Are you looking for a burger? Westville East usually has a long wait at brunch, but it’s worth it for their cheese burger on a Portuguese muffin, which is both savory and sweet.  Add a side of their crispy sweet potato fries for the perfect combination.

For Vegans and Vegetarians, make sure to go to Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch for their organic kamut and flax cakes with soy margarine, fruit and syrup and a side of tofu bacon, or for their scrambled tofu with curly fries.   Both meals are delicious and you won’t miss the animal ingredients. 

Where do you go for the best in hangover dining? xo
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